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About aNON


Derrick Hamm, aka Anonymous Heir, is a queer artist, curator, and gallery owner/director residing in the DFW area. They have been a practicing artist for nearly two decades and have been performing gallery work for a little over a decade. Anon is a current member of The 500X Gallery, the oldest artist-run gallery in Texas and one of the oldest in the US.

For their studio practice, Anon is currently preparing work for their upcoming solo exhibition ‘REVENGER’, which will be on view at The 500X Gallery July 20 through August 4 2024.

In addition to their studio practice, Derrick is also the owner of and director for The Eclectika at 711 gallery, an underground art space in Irving, Texas. This is the second iteration of The Eclectika, this first being located at Galleries at Midtown in Dallas. The current season at the Eclectika is winding down, and he is actively preparing shows for the next season which will begin in the second half of the year. 

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